Sonning Common Vauxhall have won the Vauxhall Customer Excellence Award for the 5th year in a row!

An outstanding achievement. We are the only dealer in the country to have won the award 5 years running.

Our Customer Excellence Awards recognise us as a top performing Retailer for the quality of service we give to you, the customer. It shows our outstanding customer focus and dedicated service.

What can I expect from an award-winning Retailer?

When you visit Sonning Common Vauxhall, you can rest assured that you will be receiving truly dedicated customer service. Sonning Common Vauxhall have gone that extra mile to help you and make you happy, and the award really is a representation of the hard work that's gone into our consistent achievements and all-round high performance.

How can you be sure we are an award-winning Retailer?

You'll see winning Retailers clearly identified as Customer Excellence Award winners by our award logo displayed at the top of our website.

How are the winners decided?

Vauxhall update their index of Retailer performance using Purchase Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction surveys. Customers are invited to take part in the survey after they buy a new Vauxhall and after they get their vehicle serviced for the first or second time. Thousands of these surveys are collected – a recent tally came to over 30,000 of each survey over six months – so they make up a very accurate and long term picture of customers experience.

A Customer Excellence Award goes to Retailers with the most impressive combined Purchase Satisfaction and Service Satisfaction scores at the end of each calendar year.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all our customers for their positive feedback.